I consider myself an atheist, however, if the bent of atheism is completely based on scientific externalities instead of combination of that, intuition and consciousness exploration, then it can become a religion in itself. Science can’t explain what consciousness is – it’s a deep mystery, therefore, to rigidly conclude that our existence is based purely […]

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The most popular strategy to end animal cruelty is to become a vegetarian, guilt people into not consuming animal products, then advocate the guns of the state to ban ‘x’. Environmentalists do the same thing in a different capacity. These are highly ineffective non-solutions that make the problems worse because it comes with a misunderstanding of […]


The key to changing the world is through offending people and making philosophy personal instead of fluffing it up with abstract politics. If someone is offended by anything philosophical it’s a symptom of trauma; likely from childhood neglect or abuse that hasn’t been processed and emotionally connected with by the adult. Human evolution is about […]


Ron Paul once said that foreign aid “takes money from poor people in rich countries and gives it to rich people in poor countries” Foreign aid is what keeps people in perpetual poverty. The aid enables dictators to build up their military and oppress its citizens without requiring the ‘compromise’ of a marketplace to collect […]


I’ve decided to simplify some powerful ideas into as few words as possible. I believe the most important goal for humanity is to achieve oneness through removing the human being from the zoning system and into the eco-system; thus, promoting environmental & economic restoration through decentralization, freedom and technological innovation. To achieve this, we must […]


People should be very cautious of modern politicians who use terms like ‘sanctions’, ‘collateral damage’, ‘surgical strike’ or ‘no boots on the ground’; they are the modern day word-smiths of ‘legitimised’ mass murder. Back in the day, people in the village (usually including the head of tribe) would have to sacrifice treasure, life and limb […]


Isn’t it crazy that we’ve evolved as separate figures; a conscience with the ability to float through space on a planet, interact with other life, with the sun precisely the right distance to enable such phenomena. Did it just happen or do we have a purpose? What is intelligence and where does it come from? […]


I’m sharing with you a personal story of a problem I encountered within myself; to offer insight into how I overcame it. I’m not afraid to put my thoughts out there into the digital world. This doesn’t mean I reveal all to the world wide web, but I’m happy to reveal that I’m human and […]


Philosophy is centred around convincing other people to change how they think and what they support. However, we live in an authoritarian framework whereby people support the state, (which directly and indirectly negatively affects me and those I love) along with religious institutions, violent parenting. (which indirectly negatively affects me and those I love) The […]


Often people mistake principle for closed mindedness. An obvious principle is that ‘violence doesn’t solve problems’. We know this from experience; but if we want to extend that principle to include parents, the state and factory farmers; then, we must live and teach the values of peaceful parenting, anarchy, un-schooling and animal welfare. Or the non-aggression […]


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