Extremist a label used to discredit and marginalize anyone whose opinion is a threat to the state

I’m for assigning labels to myself and other people if the label is accurate. In fact, they help us determine where one stands. I am a ‘voluntaryist’ which means I believe in win-win negotiation in a decentralized economy. I also label majority political opinion as ‘statism’ because they (statists) believe in political rulers, win-lose negotiation […]


I am certainly not one to tell people what to talk about; however, that’s not going to prevent me from exposing the irrelevance or even harm in how some libertarians distract from the most important underlying issue in libertarianism; the initiation of force. How we are born is a fluke. There’s no virtue in being born […]


Never use the word ‘arrest’ – only kidnapping. Call things what they are, as language is the ultimate barrier to a free society. People may or may not want a government, but one thing’s for certain; if enough people begin to use language commensurate with actual happenings in our shared reality, there wouldn’t be one. […]


Firstly, if you don’t know what bitcoin is; check out this short and rather entertaining video. If you’re interested in where bitcoin is accepted around the world, then check out coinmap. Bitcoin is a crypto-currency that exists in electricity and on servers, thus, it’s not completely conceptual. There are a total of 21 million bitcoins in […]


With regard to writing and verbal communication, I have no fear. I’m confident, forthright, I don’t back down in debate, I know my facts and I never, ever self attack. Just under four years ago, I discovered my love for music; an area where I’m not as confident. I learned how to play guitar and […]


Today I feel like shit to be quite honest. I’m staying in a city where I have no real friends, it’s cold and I feel lonely. The only thing giving me some comfort was the idea of writing this blog. Recently, I made some moves to remove people from my life for reasons of principle. […]


Does the intolerance reside where the gun is at my head, forcing me to pay for leftist social programs or does it reside where I ask the gun to be placed on the floor? I find it ironic that I’m sometimes labelled ‘intolerant’. It’s akin to being raped, merely mentioning that there’s a cock in […]


The first thing to understand about basic economics is that a law is simply a prohibition to the free market. The field of economics in university is not economics but government propaganda as it is assumed that a central bank / central economic planning is the framework by which an economy is ‘stimulated’. But with […]


Tony Abbott is a leftist. He believes in the minimum wage, every government department that currently exists, taxation, central banking, war, gun control and the police state. He’s cutting programs of constituencies that he can’t bribe for votes anyway (academia, climate change etc) as a balanced budget will slightly improve the economy so for his career […]

Transylvania To Kamchatka - Hitch-Hiking With Norbert Demeter

I just arrived in Hobart after hitching two rides from Launceston. For those of you who haven’t hitch hiked before, I highly recommend it. The people who pick you up have always hitch hiked before and have stories to tell. It takes some courage for sure, but most good things do. Before I got picked […]


“Nothing is a mistake. There’s no win and no fail, there’s only make.” "Art is for free"

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